Individual Yoga & Self-Care Consultations

Begin Again Practice Studio
179 Gilbert Farm Road, Bar Harbor

Why Yoga?

Yoga is a vast practice with several avenues to explore. 
Yoga is also, only one of many practices, we can add to our self care list.

Whether you’ve stepped foot into a yoga studio or not, you’ve no doubt heard the buzz about yoga, seen the pictures, read the quotes, and you’ve likely already formed some sort of relationship to this practice.
Maybe you, like many, found your way to yoga through the physical practice, attending classes or watching videos on-line.  This can be a wonderful introduction to the practice if you find the right resources for you. 
Maybe you are completely new to this practice and are one of the lucky ones approaching this study with a fresh eye and a beginner’s mind.  
Or, maybe you have dabbled and are curious but have been turned off by all of the hullabaloo about yoga in social media and can’t decide what to make of it.  Totally understandable!

Yet, consider this. Something has kept this practice alive for thousands of years, before the magazines, before the fun outfits and nutribars and water bottles, and it will continue on long after interest has waned.  
Yoga is a practice of self-discovery, uncovering your personal truth, and with that, learning to move with the ebb and flow of life on earth.  This human curiosity will always exist.

We often begin this journey by practicing the physical postures, connecting with sensation, observing our responses and expectations.  
This can be brutal!  
But you are strong! 

And, as you become familiar with the postures, what you may find, is this practice can also bring change in your day to day life.  You may notice you feel more calm, have better concentration or that you are less reactive when outrageous things happen.
This is when things start to get interesting!

In these one on one sessions, we can use our time to focus on physical postures, breathing exercises and concentration/meditation techniques that will most certainly bring benefit to your overall health.
We can also use our time to explore how this practice can offer support in other areas of your life, from relationships to emotional health to simply being more present with day to day living.
If you are new to the practice, interested in expanding your existing practice, or someone who is ready to reset or shift gears, individual sessions can be a wonderful way to touch down, focus your attention on you, and then let the learning unfold.

All good reasons to schedule:

  • Interest in alignment instruction

  • Help creating personalized sequencing

  • Support beginning a Yoga practice

  • Support & guidance deepening your practice

  • Explore curiosity about how yoga can improve your quality of life

  • Struggle with restless mind and/or anxiety

  • Difficulty with concentration (too much info coming in!)

  • Looking to take your life in a new direction

  • Feeling world weariness

  • Though everything seems fine, something is still off

  • Social & political exhaustion/loss of hope

  • Seeking reconnection (individual & universal)

  • Questioning personal spiritual beliefs

  • Starting to groan and hobble getting up out of a chair

  • Tightness in chest - shortness of breath

  • Discover what ‘self-care’ means for you

  • Big questions are coming up: What is my reason for being?  Why is there so much suffering? How do I live in this world?

  • Because it’s time to start doing something for you

Whether you are interested in a single session or a series, our work will always begin by connecting personally, establishing what you’re hoping to gain during our time together and then, scheduling our appointment. 
Upon scheduling you’ll receive an intake form with some questions to help me get to know you better as well as a client contract outlining our work together.

Session Options:

1 Session 
2 Hours

In a single session we can accomplish a lot!  
A single session truly begins with the intake form.  This will be a series of questions to help me get to know you, find out what’s going on in your life, understand your relationship with Yoga and what you are hoping to gain from our time together.  With all of this shared information, when you arrive for your sesion, we can jump right in!

Your 2 hour session will be designed around your individual needs, however, you can expect from our time:

  • Review of your intake and some follow up questions

  • Review what I’ve put together for you 

    This may be: 

    • a series of yoga poses & movements

    • breathing exercises

    • concentration practices

    • recommended readings

    • community activities

    • suggestions for other forms of holistic care that may suit your unique being

  • Collaboration creating a list of activities and resources for you to further explore and incorporate into your days

  • A post-session follow-up with an overview of our session

  • Availability for follow-up questions as they arise

3 Sessions
4 Hours

With 3 sessions we are able to go even further in developing your individual self care practices.  The first session will be as described above.  
By adding 2 additional sessions, you allow yourself the chance to go home and put the suggestions into play! 
See what works, what doesn’t.
See what sparks curiosity or avoidance.
This is all important information!
In our next 2 sessions we have an opportunity to talk about those observations and make any needed adjustments.
Creating your personal list of self care activities is a process.  Taking the time to learn how to care for yourself in an ever-changing world is one of the best things you can do.

10 Sessions
11 Hours

If you are interested in a lengthier commitment to study Yoga and Self, in this 10 session option, we can really dig into what interests you, what sparks you, what parts of your practice or life are strong and vibrant, what could use some compassionate attention.
These sessions will start out as described above, but as we deepen our work together, there’s no telling which direction your unfolding will take us!  
During this time, I will be here to support your in-depth self study, to explore questions with you, to offer further practices or readings to explore and to hold the space for your journey to the Self.

How to schedule a session

If you are interested in scheduling a session, please contact me directly at