Individual Yoga Consults
Begin Again Practice Studio
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What is an Individual Yoga Consult?

Traditionally in the East, Yoga was a practice passed on from teacher to student in small groups or one on one in order to tailor the teachings to the individual needs.

Today in the west, with the popularization of larger classes focused on the postures and physical fitness for the general public, it is challenging to personalize classes and unrealistic to expect individual needs to be addressed, therefore there is increased risk of injury, misunderstanding or simply loss of interest in the practice as a whole.

A complete Yoga practice, along with learning the poses, includes understanding and integrating the foundational life ethics on and off of our mats, practice breathing, concentrating, contemplating and honoring the powers that exist beyond our grasp.

Yoga is a practice that teaches you that all of the tools you need to find strength, clarity, contentedness and compassion in this life already exist within and you can learn to access them. 

In developing your own personal practice and deepening your devotion to this self care and self study, a liberating sense of wholeness naturally occurs that can be carried with you through the rest of your days.

In a private Yoga session we will look at your unique alignment in a variety of poses, create sequences for you to practice at home, learn breathing and meditation techniques that are best suited for you, as well as review the additional components of the 8 Limb Path that makes for a complete Yoga practice.

One on one sessions are valuable for all levels at any stage of your journey, from the complete beginner to advanced student and yoga teacher. 

Everyone benefits from focused attention.

In ongoing private sessions, we will work to continually deepen and refine your practice.

Why would you schedule an Individual Yoga Consult?

  • Create a practice tailored to your individual needs

  • Understand the basics of a complete Yoga practice & how it can support you

  • Participate in developing your own practice suited for you

  • Deepen your existing practice

  • Learn to call on your own wisdom to find clarity and peace

  • Help prevent injury

  • Reduce stress & increase oxygen to your whole body

  • Preparation for attending public classes

  • Practice new shapes & movements in an unhurried, no pressure environment

  • Learn to use props to support and align your body

  • More comfort in sharing personal information regarding health (all information shared in sessions is stays within the space where we work)

  • Increased confidence & clarity

  • Create a foundational practice to support you for the rest of your life 


Single Session (2 Hours) - $95

3 Sessions (4 Hours) - $175

Additional Sessions (1 Hour) - $40

To be completed within 6 months of your previous session

10 Sessions (11 Hours) - $350

How to schedule a session

If you are interested in scheduling a session, please contact me directly at

This is the best way for us to begin our work together so we may establish what kind of session/s you’d like to schedule, payment options and a good timeline for us both.

(usually at least 2 weeks out to allow time to respond to questionnaire)

Once our 2 hour session has been scheduled and payment has been received, I will send you a form to fill out with lots of questions that will help me get to know you and be able to better plan for our time together.

The responses will need to be submitted 1 week prior to our scheduled session.

During our session we will:

  • Review your responses

  • Choose main topics of focus

  • Look at our work through the yogic lens

  • Practice short sequences designed specifically for you

  • Review other considerations/suggestions

  • Leave time for questions & discussion

After our session:

  • I will email you a review of our session, outlining any suggested practices or considerations

  • You can feel free to be in touch with question

Group Classes & Special Events

If you’d like to schedule a private, group class for an upcoming wedding, birthday party, baby shower, or just because, please contact Kate at