Sun Salutations Workshop 



Saturday May 20, 2017  
9-11 am
Neighborhood House; Northeast Harbor

Sun salutations are a common opening to a classic Hatha yoga practice and I thought it would be helpful to spend some time breaking down and looking at each individual pose that makes up a couple of variations of Sun Salutation sequences, then put them all together.

I also will share a bit about the history of Sun salutations as we know them today as well as offer modifications that can be made to make the entire sequence more accessible to you. 

Sun salutations don't have to be fast paced or super challenging, once you find your personal flow that works best for you, it can be very meditative practice.  
And of course we'll save time for practicing breathing techniques and sitting quietly together as those are equally as important to classic approach to your practice, if not more.

The 2 hour class will be $20 (sorry, class passes won't apply for this workshop).

The space is large so dropping are welcome, but I'd love to have you sign up in advance with me so I'll have a sense of how many to expect. You can also sign up right here on my site!

This workshop is appropriate for beginner-intermediate level students.
New students are always welcome!!


Feel free to write me with any questions at


“Don’t compare your path with anybody else’s.  Your path is unique to you.”  ~Ram Dass