Love Your Core!

Love Your Core!

Explore Your Core
Kindness & Curiosity

Develop a loving relationship
 your core!

Saturday May 5
Town Hill Studio, Bar Harbor Maine
$20/ 2-Hour Workshop

What does it mean to connect with our core?  So much strength and wisdom comes from our core, both physically and energetically. This 2 hour workshop will focus on tapping into that potential strength and wisdom, inside and out.
Our society has created an unhealthy culture of body obsession that has ironically led many to become disconnected from their bodies and their true nature, their core being.  Many of us harshly judge ourselves and as a result, adopt a sense of inadequacy as we move through our lives.  This is no way to live the best version of this life we've been given.

So, let's work strengthening our relationships to our bodies, starting with our core!  "Ugh, the core..." is has usually been my first thought when I'd hear the word.  
It doesn't have to be all sit ups, crunches and the like.  In fact, that sort of work is barely the tip of the iceberg when we begin to look at our core in its entirety, which includes not just what we see on the surface, but all that lies within the more subtle aspects of our being as well.  

During the 2 hour workshop, 1.25 hours will be devoted to a moving yoga class, 20-25 minutes for breathing exercises and a group meditation led by me and the remainder of time will be for discussion and instruction.  
In this workshop we will:
**Look at map of the physical make-up of our core, the abdominal muscles and beyond so we know what's holding us together
**Practice different movements and simple yoga sequences to feel what happens when we bring different muscles into action
**Learn various poses and slow paced movements to increase core strength
**Bring greater awareness to our physical body as a functioning whole
**Bring increased balance to our structure
**Integrate the yogic perspective of the core, discussing the more subtle aspects of our being
**Talk about Chakras and Koshas, energetic maps of our entire being, in order to turn our attention inward
**Practice silent mantra repetition as a means to change our inner dialogue
**Plus, make space for all of the other insights that tend to come up during a yoga practice!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me
I hope to meet you on the mat!



Yoga, Meditation & Writing
1/2 Day Retreat             

Gaining deeper Self awareness through Yoga & Writing


Saturday March 31
Town Hill Studio, Bar Harbor Maine

1/2 Day Retreat
Saturday March 31 9am-1pm
Four whole hours just for you! During this 1/2 day retreat we will move through a gentle yoga class, have focused time to practice different breathing exercises, enjoy a guided meditation and have plenty of time for journaling and some prompted writing exercises to encourage deeper self exploration. And lunch!
None of our writing will be shared, it will be time simply for you and your thoughts to unfold.  
It's $40 for the 4 hour class and a yummy light vegetarian lunch made by my hubby who is the co-director of food service at COA and a fantastic caterer & chef!






Cancellation policy:
Full refund if cancelling before 2 weeks to event date
50% refund if cancelling before 1 week to event date
No refund if cancelling the week of the event