Sangha is a word rooted in Buddhism referring to a community of people devoted to spiritual exploration, traditionally made up  of ordained monks or nuns. In recent years, however, the term has expanded to include a broader population of spiritual seekers.

“Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist, has described sangha as a ‘beloved community’. Whether the sangha is a family or larger community, it includes people who are engaged in serving and bringing joy to one another, and who inspire each other to contribute. Hanh stresses the contribution of every individual to the community, and of the community to the greater world.” -Ananda Yogic Encyclopedia

These gatherings are open to anyone seeking quiet retreat during the week as a place to regroup and settle down, to give focused attention to self study while opening to something bigger than the Self, and for sharing space with friends and neighbors to strengthen connection to ourselves and our community.

Sunday Afternoons  

3:30-4pm: Silent Meditation (optional)

4-5pm: Group Yoga Practice

Tuesday Mornings

8:30-9am: Silent Meditation (optional)

9-10am: Group Yoga Practice

May Cancellations:
Tuesday May 7
Tuesday May 14

Begin Again Practice Studio
179 Gilbert Farm Road, Bar Harbor

Drop-in & Donation Only

Donation Limit - $10

Pass of 10 - $75

Passes can be used for either class but not special workshops or series

What you can expect coming in:

  • Please leave coats and shoes downstairs before coming up to the practice space

  • The first 25 minutes of Silent Meditation is optional  

  • There will be a donation box outside of the practice space for you to offer your donation or make change.

  • There is a $10 donation limit per class, please offer what is comfortable for you

  • If you know you’ll be coming regularly, you’re welcome to purchase a 10 class pass for $75

  • There will be cushions out for sitting and soft music playing

  • 5 Minutes before group class begins, we will close our meditation and set up our mats

  • You’re welcome to arrive any time between 8:30-8:55/3:30-3:55, it is simply requested that you quietly make your way in to join the circle

  • All props are available but you are welcome to bring your favorite mat if you like

  • Classes will be a mix of Gentle Yoga and Pranayama (breath work) with some challenges offered based on the Sangha needs that day

  • At the conclusion of our gathering, we will wish honor ourselves and one another,, wipe down our mats, tidy up our space and move onto the next part of our day

What will make this time most beneficial to you:

  • Show up, even when you don’t feel like it

  • Let go of expectation, be open to finding value in what is offered

  • Be respectful of those around you, honoring physical, auditory and visual boundaries

  • Recognize your individual participation is essential to your personal growth and transformation

Women's Circle

3rd Sunday of the month  
(arrive 8:45-8:55 so we can start right at 9am)

Begin Again Practice Studio
179 Gilbert Farm Road, BH

Next Gathering: Sunday, June 9
(this month is the 2nd Sunday due to Father’s Day)

Gather, share, engage, listen, ask questions, bravely explore social & political topics, 
practice allowing for new ideas, enjoy simply sitting in the presence of strength and wisdom.

What's provided:
Mats, blankets, cushions for sitting  
Coffee, tea, water
Loose format guide, time keeper 

What to bring:
Journal (optional)
Favorite mug (I have some in the studio)
Wear comfy clothes

There is no charge to join us for the this monthly circle gathering
and it is open to anyone who identifies as a woman.