Introduction to Yin Yoga

6 Week Series: Finding Peace in Stillness

Starting Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Yin Yoga is a different kind of practice than what most think of when imagining yoga  Yin Yoga is gentle, it’s slow movement with longer stretches of stillness, it’s a practice that offers lots of support to your body to invite some relaxing of the muscles, something our bodies don’t get to experience much these days.

Yin Yoga is also a wonderful addition to life as we know it today. With so many of us living fast-paced Yang lifestyles, an intentional Yin practice of slowing down and practicing stillness, can bring necessary balance so we don't become physically and mentally exhausted.

One of the nicest things about learning how to practice Yin postures, is that it is very easy to also practice them at home, and the more you’re able to create your own practice, the more empowered you become.

Here are some things you can expect in this 6 week series:

  • A short questionnaire upon registration to help me get to know you and to inform the course syllabus

  • Discussion about the origin of Yin Yoga, the intention behind the physical practice & its benefits

  • Learn a variety of Yin postures and modifications to support your body

  • Explore traditional Yang yoga postures from a quiet Yin perspective

  • Experience the benefits of a Yin practice to the mind, body & spirit

  • Develop basic understanding of the 5 elements according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Learn about your energy meridians and their function

  • Group interaction!

    Each week will bring opportunity for questions, sharing experiences and feedback that will inform the coming classes

  • Homework!

    Nothing mandatory but always recommended; each class will end with a suggested practice for you to work into your days to help the process of creating new habits and patterns.

  • Communication with me before, between & after classes

Pre-registration is required; in signing up, you’ll receive a short form to gather info about you to help me design our meetings to work for everyone in the class. I’ll also be checking in throughout the series and available for questions as they come up.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at
If you’d like to stop by to visit my studio, let me know and we can set up a time to do that.

Class size requirements:

4 minimum

8 maximum

Class cost:  

Early Bird: $125 - Regular: $150

A word about my fees & scholarship fund:

Thank you for Registering!
As part of my outreach work, I am creating a scholarship fund to make future classes available to even more people. In doing so, I will be contributing $5 of each registration over $50 toward this fund making your enrollment of benefit to another somewhere down the line.

Payment options:
When registering through paypal, a % of the payment is absorbed for service fees.  For this reason, I’ve included payment options.

Want to send a check? Please make your $125 check payable to Kate Sebelin and mail to: 179 Gilbert Farm Road, Bar Harbor, ME 04609 within 7 days to reserve your spot.