Class Descriptions & Locations

Slow FlowYoga; The Breathing Room & The Neighborhood House

Slow Flow Yoga incorporates movement with breath, encourages connection to the present moment, strengthening and stretching of the entire body through a series of poses along with other classical yoga practices to support a peaceful state of being.

Slow Flow Yoga is a slow paced class, where we will practice both mindful movement as well as alignment in held poses.  
I welcome all levels and we can work toward what's best for you.  

Meditation Gathering; The Breathing Room

This weekly Meditation Gathering is open to any and all.  Meditation is a growing practice in our fast-paced culture, inviting us to sit quietly, observe our thoughts and breath while developing compassion for ourselves and others.

It is my belief that only the individual can truly teach themselves to meditate but I will lead gatherings offering posture cues and varying guided practices to explore.
Each gathering will begin with pranayama practice (breathing techniques) to settle in followed by a short dharma talk and/or a guided meditation and then time to sit quietly in contemplation.  We'll save time for discussion or questions, participation is voluntary.  

This is a space where you are welcome to open up and share ideas or simply sit quietly and enjoy the comfort of being surrounded by friends and neighbors.

**This is a donation-based offering**
Part of a yoga dedication involves practicing acts kindness and good faith, giving back to the world that supports us.  In this spirit, each week there will be a basket out to collect any sized monetary donation within your comfort.  
Each month, moneys will be collected and donated to a previsouly selected local or national non-profit organization doing important work to bring peace, justice and unity to all individuals.  The chosen organization will be announced in advance and there will be materials available at the studio with more information about their work.

Restorative Yoga; The Breathing Room

This monthly offering is your opportunity to do just that, restore.  
It is the centering of your breath, body, spirit and mind by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time.  Lots of props offer support so your body can fully relax into each pose.  A wonderful chance to slow down and nourish your soul.

This 2 hour class will begin with either a short Gentle or Yin practice then move into longer held comfortable restorative poses.  Classes may close with either pranayama practice, seated meditation, Yoga Nidra or some combination of the three leaving you feeling refreshed and restored.