Vinyasa Foundations

Sunday 5-6:15pm
Town Hill Studio
179 Gilbert Farm Road, Bar Harbor

Thursday 8:30-9:45am (No classes July & August)
The Neighborhood House
Northeast Harbor

This dynamic class is geared toward the advanced beginner, those who have been practicing for a short (or long!) time and would like  to add a more active class to their week.  In this weekly class we will share a classic yoga practice opening with sun salutations, exploring various poses to both strengthen and stretch the body, closing with 1-2 restorative poses to settle the body and mind.  Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation are also included in these weekly community classes.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about whether or not this class might be for you!

Gentle Flow

Sunday 6:30-7:45pm
Town Hill Studio
179 Gilbert Farm Road, Bar Harbor

Wind down at the end of the weekend in this slow flowing, breath focused practice, perfect for beginners or anyone seeking a quiet place to relax the body and mind.  In this weekly class we will practice connecting our movement to our breath through simple flowing sequences as well as getting into classic yoga poses exploring various modifications and how props can offer support.
We'll also practice different breathing techniques that can either awaken or calm the mind and share time to sit quietly for guided meditation.

A wonderful way to close the weekend and transition into the week.

Yin Yoga  "Sink Into Stillness"

Thursday 6-7:15pm
Town Hill Studio, Bar Harbor

This is a weekly invitation for you to slow down and enjoy one of the best acts of self-care you can practice, stillness.  Adding a Yin practice to your regular routine can be wonderfully valuable.  
In this class you'll bring your body into gentle, supported poses to rest in stillness for longer stretches of time.  Physically, this practice allows deeper stretching for your connective tissues and joints, areas that don't get as much attention in more active classes.  Additionally, stillness encourages you to develop self-awareness and compassion as you become familiar with your thoughts and reconnect with your being.

Classes are a blend of Yin, Restorative, Pranayama (breathing practice), Meditation and occasionally Yoga Nidra (a longer guided meditation) leaving you feeling refreshed and restored.