Morning Yoga; Neighborhood House, Northeast Harbor

This Hatha Yoga class incorporates movement with our breath, encourages connection to the present moment, strengthens and stretches the entire body through a series of poses (some easier than others but nothing too challenging) and a few other things to support a peaceful state of being. While this is not a advanced class nor a beginners, I welcome all levels and we can work toward what's best for you.  
There will be an optional 15 minutes at the end of class to sit for a group meditation practice.

This class is scheduled to run through June and will resume in September.

April Spring Sampler

“Warm” Yoga
Sunday April 2   5-6:15
This is my toned down version of hot yoga which will basically be a Hatha Yoga class with the room warmer than usual.  There is conflicting information about the benefits/concerns of hot yoga (practiced in a room ranging from 90-117 degrees) and being sensitive to extreme heat myself, I prefer a slightly cooler version.  In this class, you’ll practice in about 70-75 degrees, you’ll definitely get a little sweaty but we’ll keep it mellow.  Sometimes it does feel really good to sweat and it makes the closing Svanasana extra sweet!

Chair/Desk Yoga
Sunday April 9   5-6:15
This is a gentle form of yoga practiced sitting in a chair or using a chair as a prop to move into certain poses with ease.  There are so many things we can do from our chair at work or home to stretch and strengthen our bodies or to simply take a short break in the day to breathe, calm our minds and refocus for the next part of the day.

Sunday April 16   5-6:15
Both Yin and Restorative yoga are slow paced practices where you will take time to ease into a series of 8-10 poses over the duration of the class, allowing yourself to turn inward, soften into each asana, calm your mind and nervous system and focus on your breath.

Vinyasa Flow
Sunday April  23   5-6:15
This class will be taught by Karen Roper, a local Vinyasa aficionado!  The word ‘vinyasa’ means ‘to arrange something in a particular order’, like the poses and flow of a yoga class.  In this vinyasa class you’ll move through asana sequences linking your movement to your breath.  This is a slightly faster paced practice that helps you stay present in the moment, offers a fun variety of movements and supports the ever important mind-body connection that will leave you feeling super calm and content.

Sunday April 30   5-6:15
This final class of the series will focus on breath work (Pranayama) and Meditation.  This class will begin with a basic Hatha practice, to soften and open the body.  We will incorporate a variety of pranayama techniques to practice breath regulation which helps clear both physical and emotional obstacles in your body to allow your breath, your prana, your life energy to flow freely.  Class will end with a 15 minute meditation.  You can explore a few different positions for sitting, I’ll offer cues for best posture and begin the meditation with gentle guidance to start your practice. Then we will sit quietly together to close our practice.