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Below you'll find information about my educational background and certification work.  Further down, you can read my personal story of shifting gears mid-life to uncover my true being and learning a new way to be in this world.

Certifications & Trainings

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Well Heart Yoga, Falmouth Maine
Completed October 2015

Courses Completed for 500 Hour YTT
Shiva Shakti School, Union Maine
*Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
*Children's Yoga Level 1 Certification
*Meditation & Pranayama Certification
*Yoga for Seniors
*Intensive Study of The Bhagavad Gita & Bhakti Yoga

2018 Course work to complete 500 YTT
*Yoga Nidra (February)
*5 Day Silent Retreat (May)
* Mantra & Sound Immersion (June)
*Advanced Asana & Alignment (November)

Additional 2018 Coursework
*Yoga Support for Addiction Recovery (March)
*Yin Yoga Intensive (Completed)
*Bhagavad Gita Intensive (On-going Weekly Webinar)

Workshops Attended
The Stories We Carry w/ Dani Shapiro; Novelist & Memoirist
Loving Kindness Meditation w/Sharon Salzburg; Buddhist Meditation Teacher & Author
Yoga & Loving Kindness w/Stephen Cope; Yoga/ Meditation Teacher & Author

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?
— Charles Bukowski

My Story 

I began practicing yoga in 1997 when I was pregnant with my son.  I was 34 years-old, on the brink of a “geriatric” pregnancy!  I was advised to begin attending a weekly yoga class to begin preparing my body for natural childbirth.  I’d been curious about yoga for years so this was just the nudge I needed.

I chose an evening class, the room we practiced in was warm with soft lights and music, sometimes candles flickering in the windows. I must be honest, I was hooked right away. Being in that room, warm and safe, comforted by props and kind words, caring for myself and my baby, I felt like a Goddess.

I will be forever grateful that was my introduction to yoga.  As is true with everything in life, this too did pass.

Fast forward 3 years...with a very busy 2-year-old, a demanding job and carrying the weight of having lost my dad earlier that year, I found myself stuck in grief, in a constant state of anxiety and despair, exhaustion and frustration from being a parent, imbalance and emptiness from my loss.  My yoga practice had fallen away when I learned my dad was ill and I began making more trips to Vermont.  After he’d passed away, less than a year later, I busied myself to the point of distraction, I stopped taking care of myself, I disconnected, I shut down.  My heart hurt and suddenly I realized, my body hurt too.

My return to a yoga practice was slow, uncomfortable and challenging. Unlike my introduction when I was happy and hopeful, now I was filled with anxiety and uncertainty, my body was tense and tender.  It was months before seemingly simple things like flattening my hand on the mat didn’t hurt, more time before I could lift a foot off the ground without feeling like I would topple uncontrollably onto the floor and longer still before I understood how to take a full breath or sit quietly. I struggled over these months, some days wondering why I was bothering at all, but more often than not, I’d leave class with a new little spark of hope.  Maybe it was that my hands felt a bit stronger or my fingertips got a little closer to my toes...maybe I could do this, maybe I could be ok again.

To be continued...